While most students bring home-cooked lunches to school, canteen facilities featuring a healthy menu are available in the Cafeteria, for those who are unable to bring lunch or are simply looking for a change. But care is taken that no junk food and artificial flavored drinks/food items are served. Choices in freshly prepared fruit juices, shakes are there to quench their thirst and fulfill their needs.

The school cafeteria is committed to ensure that the nutritional needs of tender and growing students are met in a practical and efficient manner. That is why the school provides meals which are planned by nutritionists and prepared by highly qualified professional chefs, under the direction and supervision of an experienced Senior Chef. The cafeteria is a furnished with latest technology to accommodate large number of children at a time. Varieties of healthy and nutritional options are made available for all the meals. The premises are cleaned round the clock and maintained to the highest hygienic standards. Reverse Osmosis systems for purifying drinking water are available across the campus.